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Cybersecurity Opportunities For Women

Are you considering a career shift to the tech industry, specifically cybersecurity? Are you a seasoned tech professional looking to advance your cybersecurity certifications? Regardless of your personal situation, there are many reasons why women need to consider cybersecurity careers.  

Currently, women are advancing to leadership positions more quickly than their male counterparts and their advanced education and training is to credit. If that’s not incentive enough, women are actually in demand in the cybersecurity industry. Corporations as well as governmental agencies have recognized the lack of diversity in the cyber security talent pool as well as in their own cyber security departments. Not only is it beneficial from a public image standpoint to employ a diverse workforce, but more importantly, a diverse workforce drives innovation.1  

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What are popular cybersecurity certifications? 

The estimated total pay for a Cyber Security is $94,342 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $78,932 per year.2 As with most positions, a master’s degree and certifications will significantly increase your base salary. With this being said, now is the time to explore cybersecurity certifications, and we’ll break down a few popular entry level and advanced certifications. 

Some Popular Entry Level Cybersecurity Certifications 

1. CompTIA Security+ 
Security+ is a respected, entry-level certification that will get you on the path to a future in
cybersecurity. By showing potential employers that you have the core skills required for a  
cybersecurity role, you may find more job opportunities as a more competitive candidate. 

2. Certified Security Specialist (ECSS)  
This is the perfect starter course to give you a grounding in cybersecurity concepts and 
terminology. It is a good starting point for those wanting to enter the profession. It is also 
useful for people who may work in a small organization to provide enough information to 
put simple security best practices in place. 

Advanced Cybersecurity Certifications 

1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 

Earning your CISSP demonstrates that you’re experienced in IT security and capable of 
designing, implementing, and monitoring a cybersecurity program. 3 Adding CISSP will most  
definitely set you apart from those just starting out and should offer a significant increase in 
pay. There are requirements for this certification as it geared towards professionals with five 
or more years’ experience. 

2. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 

According to Coursera, obtaining CISM certification you can validate your expertise in the  
management side of information security, including topics like governance, program  
development, and program, incident, and risk management.4 As with CISSP certification,  
CISM requires five years of experience and typically are suited for those pursuing or who  
have obtained a master’s degree. 

Mentorship Programs Offer Support And Guidance For Those Seeking Cybersecurity Certifications 

So, you’ve decided to either begin your journey and obtain basic cybersecurity certification or you’re ready to advance your career with advanced certifications. No matter where you are in your tech journey, there are many paths to choose from and navigating those roads can be tough, let alone actually completing the journey. 

At Women In STEM Leadership (WISL) we understand the challenges women face and that is why we started our mentorship program. WISL members are guaranteed the best professional guidance from our industry professionals. In fact, WISL Founder/Executive Director, Ogechi Ugwulebo, MS, CISM, is a cybersecurity professional and has served as a mentor to many women at different levels in their STEM careers. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, become a WISL member today and unlock your key to leadership success. 

written by Stacey Scarabello, Digital Marketing Specialist 


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