Women in STEM Leadership

WISL Mentorship Program

About The WISL Mentorship Program

The foundation of a successful mentoring program is the mentor-mentee relationship. At WISL, we put both the mentor and mentee through an application process to ensure a proper match for the best outcome.

Mentees should have an open mind and a desire to grow, at the same time, sharing their knowledge with their mentor. Mentors should be good role models and maintain professionalism and integrity at all times. Mentors should be willing to share knowledge and experience in an enthusiastic manor, offering guidance and feedback to their mentee.

Mentorship is a critical resource that is based entirely on a pay it forward principle. 

If you are interested in mentoring aspiring women in STEM leadership and have the capacity to volunteer, please click on the link below to complete the Mentor Signup Form.

Mentor Signup Form


If you are interested in being mentored by a woman in STEM leadership, please click on the link below to  complete the  Mentee registration form.

Mentee Registration Form