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If you are passionate for STEM, driven toward greatness, motivated to lead, and inspired to elevate the future of this industry, then join WISL today.

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WISL Partners, hosts, and launches Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics events in which members get best deals on tickets.


WISL network provides a platform for members to meet and discuss with experienced counterparts in their career path.


We provide members with the guidance and tools to further their education and provide them with work opportunities after studying.


We provide WISL members with the tools and information needed to strengthen their leadership skills in STEM.

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Women in STEM Leadership (WISL) is the premier organization for empowering women like you with the support and tools needed to elevate your career and become an agent of change in the STEM industry. We are a network of like-minded women who are genuinely invested in helping you reach your potential.

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We posses in our network the best women industry leaders to share their experience, network and provide opportunities to future leaders.

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Our platform makes it easier for members to connect and network with other professionals in STEM and access informative materials to grow their career.

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Members are guaranteed the best professional guidance from our industry professionals.

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