Women in STEM Leadership

Team Leader

Ogechi Ugwulebo


Ogechi Ugwulebo is a Wife, Mother, Community Leader and Founder of Women in STEM Leadership (WISL). She earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of Dallas. 

The mission of WISL is to empower women through education, role modeling and mentorship by providing a safe space for them to make critical connections with peers and mentors in senior leadership positions in STEM.

Connecting and Networking with other female leaders in STEM who share similar interests as you, makes you all the more confident and inspired to help swing the STEM pendulum in our favor and change the gender landscape of STEM as we know it. I am honored to be a part of this organization of great women leaders and hope you can join us to make sure that the doors of opportunities in STEM leadership are open for all and never close.

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