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Being A Mentor Can Make You A Better Leader

Mentors Continuously Improve Leadership Skills

In this article we will break down the definition of a leader and how becoming a mentor will make you a better leader. If you can find the time to give back, you too will learn and grow in your professional career. 

What is a leader? 

The Britannica Dictionary defines a leader as someone or something that leads others: such as someone who guides other people. It also defines a leader to be a powerful person who controls or influences what other people do.

Aside from defining a leader it is important to also look at the qualities of what makes a good leader. After reviewing many different sites, we have found some of the top leadership qualities to be:  

  • Communication 
  • Accountability 
  • Persistence 
  • Courage 
  • Being open minded while being decisive 

Many of you reading this are already established leaders in your industry and have gotten to the level you are at by successfully demonstrating these qualities. So now we challenge you to think about what might be missing from your portfolio. What will help you become an even better leader? 

How will becoming a mentor make you a better leader? 

Remain current on trends. The best mentors never stop learning. To be able to share your expertise with the next generation, you need to be continuously working to expand your knowledge and stay up to date on the latest innovations in your field.

Improve your ability to listen. A successful mentor must listen to their mentee to figure out their strengths, weaknesses, and just what they are looking to accomplish. Listening is imperative when being a leader. You need to know what your group is thinking without directly asking, to provide constructive criticism and advice. 

Offer more meaningful feedback. As a leader you may find yourself offering feedback based on the best interests of the company or as a reflection of how your boss views you. As a mentor you are your own boss, and your mentee is your company. Taking time to critique your feedback before you provide it to your mentee will bring a more sincere and honest approach to your feedback, while advancing your mentee. 

Inspire others as you were once inspired. 

Serving as a mentor offers you an opportunity to give back. Think about a time in your education or early on in your career when you were influenced. Who influenced you and what did they specifically say or do? Now, ask yourself if you would be the person you are today without that influential advice? 

Join the Women in STEM Leadership Mentor Program  

Challenge yourself to become a better leader and influence others aspiring to become leaders in the STEM industry. Women in STEM Leadership (WISL) is starting a mentorship program to empower both leaders and young professionals. Please consider joining our mentorship program as a mentor and plant the seeds for successful leadership with one of our mentees looking to advance their careers. 

Written by: 

Stacey Scarabello, Digital Marketing Specialist 

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