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2024 is here!

WRITTEN by Dr Susan McGinty
Founder, Aya Leadership

I really enjoyed the down time over Christmas/New Year and I hope you did too. I always like to use January to ease into the year, give myself a little extra permission to take space for myself and my family, and let my brain switch into gear in its own time. But that doesn’t mean I am not ready to support you and year team reach your goals in 2024, because I am!

Like many of you, I took some time to reflect on the year just gone. 2023 was an incredible and fast-paced year for me.  
I was recognized as Leader of the Year by Women in STEM Leadership
I co-authored an international #1best seller book    
I spoke at Australian and international conferences and events
I worked with more than 250 incredible leaders in STEM and Security from across Australia, Asia, the United States, Europe and South America
I facilitated more than 40 workshops across numerous continents
I was a finalist in the Women in Security Awards, Women’s Agenda Leader in Tech Award and Business in Heels Gender Equity Awards  
I won a Deakin University Dean’s Award for my Master’s Thesis (alongside 3 of my incredible friends) ¬†¬†¬†
I joined the Advisory Board of Women in STEM Leadership

Here’s a snapshot of how I can support you in 2024, in addition of course to my 5-minute coaching and leadership tips. If there is additional support you need, please get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help. I also love hearing from you!

I can’t wait to see how I can help you and/or your teams create your own leadership impact this year.

If you are looking for:

* Leadership growth for your organization
* Career expansion for your female leaders
* Enduring approaches to expand diversity in your organization
* Retention strategies for your technical experts with a high ROI

Kickstart the year with one of our tailored leadership development programs for women in STEM and Security, commencing in February:

Women in STEM IMPACT Leadership Program, Leadership Accelerator Program, Emerging Leaders Program

I am thrilled to be opening my 1-on-1 Executive Leadership Coaching for 2024 and am excited to partner with female leaders to support them in achieving their goals.

If you are established female leader in STEM or Security and would like to work with me 1-on-1 during 2024 to focus and up-level your leadership development and achieve some significant career goals, I am opening SIX positions for 6-month and 12-month 1-on-1 coaching packages.

To explore how I can support you, please email me directly or get in touch.

My most popular leadership workshop for STEM and Security organizations in 2023 was Strengthening Communication and Resilience.

This workshop provides male and female technical leaders the knowledge and practical strategies to:
Develop effective communication and emotional intelligence skills to: effectively negotiate, give and receive feedback, manage difficult conversations and conflict to positive outcomes, and build a positive communication culture.

Build Team Resilience, including understanding and managing stress, overwhelm and adversity through individual and team resilience strategies.

If your team or organization would benefit from this 1-day workshop, please get in touch. I have workshop availability during February, March and April.

Until next time,

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