Women in STEM Leadership

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Naomi Harm

Naomi Harm is women in leadership strategist and k12 STEM Innovation Specialist. She is a very proud educator of 25 years. She welcomes every opportunity to share her STEM instructional design approaches, to inspire our next generation of learners to be active creators of their futures. Her current teaching and learning influence includes mentoring girls and young women to pursue passion-driven STEM careers, designing hands-on coding, making and robotics learning experiences, coaching women in edtech leadership, and reimagining brain-friendly student-centered classroom learning spaces. 

Naomi Harm is the Chief Experience Officer of Innovative Educator Consulting, based out of Cave Creek, AZ. As a collaborative national women in leadership team, we design and facilitate emerging technology and STEM professional learning best practices. Our researched-based professional learning solutions focus on transforming the instructional design needs of K12 educators, and how to create engaging learning experiences with today’s Generation Z and Alpha students, while modeling how to build life-long learning confidence.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naomiharm

Website: http://NaomiHarm.org

Twitter: @NaomiHarm