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Mitze Amoroso

As an accomplished information technology influencer, Mitze Amoroso has a proven history of crafting sophisticated technology solutions that boost productivity, limit risk exposure, and solidify a company’s competitive position. Known for her expertise within the healthcare industry, Mitze has devoted her career linking contemporary technology solutions to the technological innovations of the future. Not satisfied with the status quo, Mitze is known for breaking barriers and driving meaningful change across the organization.

In her current role as Senior Vice President / Chief Information Officer for ArchCare, a major healthcare system, Mitze oversees all technology rollouts and launches, as well as cyber and data security. By revamping internal controls and implementing machine learning technologies, she closed security gaps and reduced the organization’s risk. She also holds the distinction of pioneering the industry’s first fully automated, reporting automation system for nursing facilities.

Mitze is an innovator, an entrepreneur, and a disruptor. Recognized for her ability to align business strategies with talent and technology, she received the ArchCare Mission Award for excellence.  She is a published author on various topics related to multilayered security strategies; Mitze is frequently sought as a speaker at industry events. She also serves on the Pace University Cyber Advisory Board and the Wellsky Post-Acute Care Facilities Advisory Board. Lastly, Mitze is extremely active in the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics program (STEM).  

Mitze is proficient in multiple technologies and healthcare-specific systems, including hospital information systems (HIS), electronic medical records (EMR) document control, and billing systems. She holds a Master of Arts from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Hofstra University.