Women in STEM Leadership

Our Advisory Board

Marty Réaume

Marty brings over 25 years of Human Capital experience to her current endeavours.  Marty has been building strong People teams and Employee experiences for Silicon Valley based technology companies for over 15 years, and recently moved back to her native country of Canada and works with a number of Technology companies across North America and Europe as an advisor and coach.

In Silicon Valley, Marty has served as Chief People Officer of Twilio Inc., a publicly traded provider of a cloud-based platform, as the Chief People Officer of Fitbit, Inc., a publicly traded technology company delivering health solutions to consumers and as the Chief People Officer of NetSuite, Inc., a publicly traded provider of cloud-based business management software.   

Marty is dedicated to building world class HR talent and to providing an award-winning employee experience to her workplace.  She was recognized as one of the top 50 Women Leaders in Technology in 2020 as well as a Top Leader in Tech, and Top People in the last couple of years.  Her work has also been featured in both Forbes and Fortune.  Marty is particularly passionate about creating an inclusive culture, rich in diversity and dedicated to investing in, and developing talent throughout the organization.  Marty is also very dedicated to showcasing the world of STEM to young women around the world and a highlight of her endeavors was to be involved with the UNESCO Teach Her program under the Michelle Obama “Let Girls Learn” program.

In recent years, Marty has been lending her talents to the Board room, serving as a Board member for Ambra Health and SPS Commerce as well as an Advisory Board member to Open Classrooms.  She is a strong advocate for including the voice of Human Resources in the Board Room and has been highlighted on Podcasts and articles on the topic.  She was recognized in 2019 by WomenInc as one of the Most Influential Corporate Board Directors.

Marty holds a Master’s degree in Organization Psychology, a Bachelor of Commerce and an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and has spent many years studying Psychometric applications in the workplace.